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At Energy Shift, we are passionate about a safe and clean environment. This is why we have developed a web platform that lowers the entry barriers for investing in renewables while also providing good financial returns for investors. 

We have created this win-win situation where small sums of money from large number of people can help us to get to a safe and clean environment faster than the concentrated system.  

We provide a medium where people can look for renewable energy projects that are ongoing and proposed and invest their money in these projects with an assurance of high returns on investment. Visit our projects page today to see a range of available projects. Together, let us profitably pursue a safe and clean environment.


Filip Koprčina



I am a business savvy technology enthusiast, and I am passionate about making an Impact in the World! I have identified energy sector as an area where I can make the largest impact and that's why I founded Energy Shift.

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Luka Lindić


Finished my master's degree in Energy systems and renewable energy. I have experience working on a case study for off-shore wind parks, and I am really passionate about making an impact in the World. And that's why I helped start Energy Shift.

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