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What is Energy Shift and how does it work?

Energy Shift is a web based platform that enables anyone to invest into renewable energy projects. Simply go to our projects section on our website and find the project you would like to invest in. We don't expect you to cover the whole amount of the investment, because our goal is to have a lot of people investing smaller amounts of money to meet the target, just like in Kickstarter campaigns.
For your investments, you receive a fixed and a high interest rate, while also doing good for the environment. The process is simple, and can be 100% completed online from the comfort of one's home. 

Why should I invest in you?

Because you want to make a positive IMPACT from the comfort of your home, while also making money.
You are progressive and think ahead, as opposed to wait for things to happen by themselves. You think about your children who will one day be grown-ups, and what you want for them is to live in a climate similar to one in which you get to live. You can see that global warming is getting more relevant day by day, and that humanity is the main cause.

What's the simplest way to invest with Energy Shift?

Payments can be made by internet banking, PayPal, TransferWise, and by a payment slip for the Energy Shift account.

When does the interest timer start?

On the day of the power plant comissioning.

How and when can investors expect their returns?

Returns to the investor's account are paid on a yearly basis, such that the date of payment is the same as the date of power plant commissioning.

What is required for the project to be financed via the Energy Shift platform?

It is key that the project is financially profitable, so that the annuities can be paid back to the investors. A project has to be renewable energy-based, such as solar panels, wind turbines, biomass, etc. The project's profitability is determined using various factors, such as insolation, wind speed profile, temperatures, etc. After taking everything into consideration, the optimal interest rate is calculated, as well as the project's value to be financed. After that we start the signing of contracts and construction of the power plant with the collected investments.

Why invest with Energy Shift, and not a bank?

- You achieve a higher return on your investment in comparison to a bank saving
- You want to do good and make money in the same time by reducing CO2 emissions
- You want to make an impact
- You don't want to invest into institutions which already have too much capital, and don't know what to do with it
- The projects carry virtually no risk, as the Power Purchase Agreement ensures that all the produced energy is sold
- You want to be a part of a cohesive group of investors by being connected via social networks, and you want to be able to follow and comment everything related to the project in which you participate
- New acquaintances, because only together can we make a big change

What if too little or too much money is collected for a project?

A finite period of time is allowed for the project to be fully financed. In case the funding requirements are not met, all the invested money will be promptly returned to investors.
It is not possible to acquire too much funding for a project, as track is being kept of the investments in real time. Each individual investor will be informed of the current state of funding via the web platform.

How are investment returns ensured?

We only enable investments with MINIMUM risk for our investors, thus we only back projects that have long-term agreements with third parties (For example Energy companies or other companies) to buy the produced electricity, definitely resulting in revenue.
Furthermore, the power plants are insured with insurance companies, in case of, for instance, an unplanned natural disaster.

How do you acquire funding for renewable energy projects?

We use the concept of crowd-investing, where a large number of people invest small amounts of money into a common project. Once the project is available on our platform, it is easily shareable through different channels, and investors may use the project's infobrief files to decide which project they wish to back, or which they think is a suitable investment for them. Individuals that invest into projects do not need to know each other, nor have access to large sums of money in order to invest (which is, in fact, the point of Energy Shift).
The main prerequisite is to be motivated, as your fellow investors are, to achieve a common goal and to help make the project happen, through investments or through sharing the notion to invest with other potential investors.

Who stands to gain from this?

By investing with Energy Shift everyone makes a profit. All the investors feel like they're a part of a united project, that they own a part of the power plant. Additionally, of course, they make money. On the other hand, users of this generated electricity achieve financial savings, and also reduce their carbon footprint. With this, the circle of positivity for everyone is complete.
Important to note is the fact that transition to renewable energies will not be possible without the support of the communities. It is a long process which can only be accomplished by working together.

What kinds of group financing are there?

There are several kinds.
1) Group financing based on ownership shares; with this type of financing, in return for their investments, the investors receive an ownership share which may or may not imply voting rights. It all depends on the legal structure of the investing platform, which may be in the form of a share in the company, SPV, collective, etc. This kind of group financing is called "crowd investing".
2) Group investing based on loans; this type of investing is based on micro-loans between two parties on the platform. The loans may or may not include an interest rate, and this model can sometimes overlap with the above explained group financing based on ownership shares - depending on the business model by which the group investing platform works.
3) Group investing based on rewards; investors do not receive a financial return on their investments. Instead, they acquire certain perks which the project initiator decides upon, and uses in order to attract investors. The rewards can take many forms, but are generally either goods, services or acknowledgements.
4) Group investing based on donations; the case in which a large number of people donate money with no compensation. A merit of group investing as opposed to group donating is the transparency of spending, and the ability to address specific issues or individual situations of individuals requiring help.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please contact us and we will answer it as soon as possible.